Patented Technology 

The Steering Coupling Device (SCD) minimizes the impacts from frontal collisions violently thrashing the steering column leading to injury. Tests have shown the SCD Device greatly improves the driver's ability to grip the steering wheel and ultimately walk away with little to no injury to the wrist area after impact. 

The SCD simply affixes to your steering column with no additional modifications or tooling required. The part is designed to withstand the rigors of Open Wheel and Modified race-cars and takes less than 1 hour to install. 

The impact (or lack thereof) from your quick install of the SCD will be felt the moment you get behind the wheel. 

That's our promise, from one racer to another. 

Racing is a dangerous sport…no device can prevent all injuries, but we at LaPlante Racing products take your health and safety seriously.. We have taken precautions to prevent an injury, but no device can eliminate injuries completely, therefore the purchaser of this product assumes all risks and liabilities to any injuries sustained during the use of this device.

Tampering with this device voids all responsibility to everyone and anyone except the person who performed the modification or dismantling of this product. This product was designed by a racer, for racers to help make them safer.